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Russian Passport Service Chicago / Passports for Russian born children adopted by US citizens

Passports for Russian born children adopted by US citizens

Passports for minor Russian children adopted by the US citizens/residents and permanently residing in the US are issued on the basis of their parents’ application.

All Russian passports are processed through the Russian Consulate in Washington DC. To apply for a new Russian passport please fill out the application form in English.

Our office is located downtown Chicago and if you live in the area, you may consult with us in person as well as document pick up/drop off to our passport processing office.

**Attention: according to the official requirements our application form must filled out in Russian. However, our service allows you to enter all the information in English and our consultants will translate it into Russian and prepare all consulate forms in accordance to the strict requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Once translated into Russian, your application will also be entered into the Ministry's data base as required by regulations.

Price: $200.00

Processing period: 127

No need to fill out the forms!

Our professional customer service consultants will prepare all the necessary forms for you so that they are done exactly in accordance with the consulate’s requirements.

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